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Why the German League is best for youngsters? - Faraz Akhtar

Why bvb is the best for youngsters? The world has witnessed that Borussia Dortmund know as bvb is producing world-class young players example Haaland, Sancho, Robert Lewandowski, and many more. But this club is very underrated because there is no big owner are investing in this club. In fact, Bayern Munchen, bvb arch rival is getting double the money that bvb get. And we know that Dortmund is the second best team in Bundesliga.

"Just to add to this, when Jude Bellingham signed for Dortmund, they promised him game time and that he'll be an international in 2 years. Today, he got called up in the provisional squad for Euro 2020."

What do you make of this?

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26 Mei 2021

In Bundesliga and specially in team burosia Dortmund. they always focused on the 'play not the palymaker'. so they never had a player that is only known because of this club (I don't know about 19s I'm talking from the era of 2000). Hence, they only saw the young blood coming who's ready to give it all for the club and make club proud...

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