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Hansi Flick's Turbulent Time as the German National Team Manager

Two years ago, nobody could have imagined that Hansi Flick would be dismissed as the manager of the German national team, making history as the first to face such a fate. His tenure was marked by a shocking early exit in the group stages of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and a series of defeats against weaker teams, leaving the German National Team at its lowest point.

What went wrong for Hansi Flick?

Hansi Flick's coaching abilities should not be underestimated, considering his achievement of leading Bayern Munich to a historic Sextuple during the 2019/2020 season, which included a stunning 8-2 victory against FC Barcelona and numerous high-scoring games. Additionally, Flick had served as an assistant coach to his predecessor, Joachim Löw, in 2014 when Die Mannschaft won the World Cup in Brazil. Clearly, Flick is no newcomer to the managerial stage and possesses a wealth of experience.

On the tactical front, Flick implemented the same 4-2-3-1 system for Die Mannschaft that had worked well with Bayern Munich. However, this system did not yield the same results for the national team. When comparing players individually, it's evident that the current German team is not on par with the 2014 squad, which boasted legendary players such as Philipp Lahm, Miroslav Klose, and Bastian Schweinsteiger, among others.

The failure of the system can also be attributed to a lack of communication between the manager and the players, exacerbated by player injuries. Another critical factor is the underperforming full-backs. Players like Schlotterbeck and Kimmich do not possess the same pace and versatility as Alphonso Davies, who excelled both defensively and offensively for Bayern. Playing Kimmich as a right-back also leaves the German midfield lacking a creative force, particularly from deep positions—a role once played by Thiago Alcántara at Bayern. Overall, the team's current setup does not align with Germany's footballing traditions.

The Future

Currently, the team appears to be adrift with dwindling fan support, low morale, shattered mentality, and bewildered players. Reports suggest that Julian Nagelsmann is set to succeed Hansi Flick, the same coach who replaced Flick at Bayern. Can Die Mannschaft regain their form and potentially win the Euros at home, or will their struggles persist and continue to haunt them?

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