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Why Juventus's Season Should be a Concern for the Footballing Fraternity

Juventus have Had an Abysmal Season under Maximilliano Allegri, Finishing 7th in the Serie A 28 Points behind Champions Napoli, who won their first Serie A title since the 1989-90 Season. Even more concerning is Juventus, who won the Title 9 times Between 2010/11 and 2019/20 hasn't qualified for the UEFA Champions League this season, finishing 7th and being able only to secure a Spot in the UEFA Europa Conference League. This should raise alarm bells, will another Italian Giant Dwindle and Struggle for Definitive Success?

What Went Wrong For Juventus?

Similar to FC Barcelona, A Multitude of Factors is responsible for Juventus's Downfall including:

  1. Economic and Financial Concerns

  2. Lack of Direction and Leadership

  3. Incapability to Hold onto Key Players

Juventus's failure can partly be attributed to its unethical financial practices, which resulted in the deduction of 15 points initially and later reduced to 10 points due to "financial irregularities" and "false accounting," as stated by the Italian Football Federation. One instance of their questionable practices involves the manipulation of player transfers to create a false impression of their financial situation. For instance, if Juventus were to sell a player for €5 million and purchase another player for the same amount, their net spending would technically be zero euros. However, Juventus would spread the payment of the €5 million over a period of time through amortization. As a result, in this example, Juventus would record a net profit of €4 million on their financial statements while actually paying off the €5 million over five years. Another irregularity involved inflating player fees in order to balance their financial records. Moreover, the lack of a clear strategic vision in terms of team building, coupled with inadequate replacements for aging players, has significantly hindered Juventus' progress as a cohesive unit. The failure to establish a coherent direction for the team's development has resulted in a disjointed and inconsistent performance on the field. Furthermore, Juventus has encountered difficulties in retaining key players who have played pivotal roles in the team's recent successes. The departures of prominent figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Joao Cancelo, and even Paulo Dybala have had a detrimental impact on the team's overall stability and continuity. Can we See Juventus rise from Rock Bottom and reestablish themselves as a force to reckon with?

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