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Why should you be a part of Talk Football HD?

Updated: May 24, 2021

We all are attracted to something in one way or the other. In our case, it's one fine sport that has brought us here. It is that passion that is making you read this blog. You are determined to finish this expecting to learn something. And that's what we value the most. We started this channel, then Instagram posts, and eventually this website to provide you with that value. Probably for the first time in India, we have come out to deliver to you what you wanted the most, information about your favorite sport. And this comes free of cost. No lengthy sign-ups, no premium or anything. This plain and as raw as it can get.

At Talk Football HD and through our time on YouTube, we learned to value each and everyone's opinion. That's why we refrain from harsh and cold words. Although as fun as they might be to others, we want to build our community professionally. And we respect what we've achieved. We look back to July 2019 when this began. Simple interaction that fetched us some people who think alike. Our love for Football drove us to connect. Us being the source and you, being the oh-so-awesome crowd. We've always appreciated transparency. We've always appreciated insights and criticisms. Because we know the step to growth comes with these. And doing that we have come a long way. Penning down this letter is one of the biggest steps we take as an organization.

There's no stopping. There's no slowing down. Together, we plan to conquer entire India by becoming an institution of learning about this game.

This attracts a very rare crowd. Not all are into playing this sport to start with. "You should analyze cricket. It has a much higher reach. It will give you more subscribers and followers. It will make you famous and money would be good." We've heard it right from the start and we'll hear it till the day we continue to pen down this letter to our beautiful audience who have literally, given us everything.

Without you, there's no us. Without you, there's no football. Without you, there's no Talk Football HD. Because hello, who are we gonna talk with?

Something like this needs to be spoken off. And quite literally, on a daily basis. We love to talk about Messi's goal past Edvin van der Sar. We can't stop talking about Maradona's goal against England. We can't even quit mentioning THAT Cristiano Ronaldo's bicycle kick past Buffon. But we can't talk it to the people who don't understand what we feel. Can you talk about your feelings to your partners? Well, of course, you can. But can you talk about this to them? Ah. I got you there.

Not many are so lucky. But here, you can talk about it with us. Convey what you feel. Scream, shout, and celebrate with us. Cry, remorse, and abuse with us. Okay, that should be within limits. But the point is, we are here to make your voice seem a little more important. To make your opinion heard. To make you part of this massive thing that probably is much bigger than any religion in the world. Now I've offended a few. Well wait, don't leave. We didn't mean to disrespect you. It's a reference that I feel free to use with you. Because none will understand. Probably I'd die if I go and chant "Ronnie Ronnie" in from of a temple or a mosque. Madmen, they'll call us. But you will understand.

How we sit tight and watch every second of our matches. Hoping and trusting our players to deliver. We laugh, we celebrate and we cry with them. I bet many cules did when Barca did one over PSG. I did. That's what we're talking about. Feeling of trust and mutual respect. We will understand.

Here at Talk Football HD we breathe and live football. We stay awake to provide you with the best content you've ever seen. Be it an Instagram post, a reel, our YouTube videos, and even this article is as heartfelt as it gets.

This game has taught has everything. From discipline to etiquette. From trust to hate. From value for the first time in our lives something that is much bigger than us, our football team. The Manchester United fans all around the world will go about Beckham and Giggs. The Milan fans chant Robinho. The Los Blancos would scream Figo and Rudd Van Nistelrooy. The most recent one will kill for Messi and Cristiano. Our grandfathers died saving Pele and Di Stefano. And that's the beauty. The legacy they left is untouchables. Cruyff's system changed modern-day football. Then came the era of Tika Tika where Barcelona conquered every possible title on the planet. Messi defied God's will and went on to become probably one the best players in the world even with a growth deficiency hormone disease. Vardy couldn't believe his luck as Gabriel Jesus was washing the streets.

This struggle has taught us a lot. The fight to become the best comes from this sport. Many waste it in the money involved. Wesley Sneijder got lazy. Adriano had his knee. Kaka with his injuries. Paro with his looks. Everyone went astray. But football saved us. It still is. How to turn your fortune around, and how to make your life the best version of itself. A young Cristiano, guilty of throwing a chair at his teacher, losing his father, and then becoming a billionaire is not a fairytale. How he did it you'll ask us. Well, he just worked thrice as hard as us morons who procrastinate. That's what it takes to become the world's best. Sweat, blood, and tear. And some faith. We are not alone in this. We all have our past, our present, and our future. What we do with it is up to us. Here at Talk Football HD, we have realized our dream. To help and grow, to become something that would return to this community when we are capable. And believe us, we will. This sport has brought us closer and it has to be something in it that you're still reading this letter.

Come on, go now and exit. I dare you. Most of us can't. Believe we are curious. We are daring to know. That's the best version of us. The one which never stops learning. That's what we want to inflict on our community. A sense of belief.

"If you want it more than your opposition, you'll get it."

And like Dumbledore one rephrased himself, "if you want it more than your opposition, you'll work hard to get it."

We are no football gurus or some legendary retired players. We're a bunch of students, engineers, and workers who came together to spread the word about this game. Ranging from Indian football to European. Everything is covered in our YouTube channel. It's mostly made in Hindi to fit our targeted audience. But we are open to expansion. And with this belief, we strive for more. We strive for improvement, we strive for hard work and perfection. And that's what we can teach all of us. To want it more than anyone around us. To accept the highs and lows of this life. To be humble is victory and strong in defeat.

Come on, we survived 8-2. We can survive Armageddon.

A joke that goes a miss in most institutions.

With this belief and a dream, we will work hard to provide our community with the best football content delivered to you with the easiest of sources. And if you want to get in contact with us, well we're just one click away. So subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on all socials. You don't wanna miss this. You must be a part of this.

Having said all of that, I now trust you to a member of Talk Football HD and very soon to become one of our Ultras.

Sign up on our website and hit the road with us. And just like Chester said, "There's a seat alongside me." Well, you know the chorus.

If not, I'll ask Alexa to play "Road Untraveled" by Linkin Park.

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