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Zeeshan Khan

Chief Executive Officer
The face of TFHD and our Chief Executive Officer, is the strategic leader driving our channel's vision and growth. With his strong leadership, Zeeshan ensures our team remains focused and motivated, steering all towards continued success and innovation.

Abhishek Gupta

Chief Business Officer
Our Chief Business Officer, manages the financial and commercial aspects of our channel. His expertise in business development helps in better collaborations and monetization strategies ensuring our channel's profitability and long-term sustainability, enabling us to invest in quality content and growth.

Shamik Ansari

Chief Production Officer
Chief Production Officer Shamikh Ansari, oversees all production processes, ensuring our videos meet the highest standards of quality content. His technical expertise and creative direction are crucial in delivering engaging and professional content to our audience.
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Ramsha Khan

Team Manager
Our dedicated Team Manager, coordinates the efforts of our diverse team to ensure seamless operations. Her organizational skills and effective communication keep our team synchronized and productive, allowing us to consistently produce top-notch content for our viewers.
Meet our Core Team
Meet the Extended Team
Aquib Irshad
Advisor Aquib Irshad, provides strategic guidance and valuable insights that help shape our channel's direction. His extensive experience in the industry and thoughtful advice are instrumental in driving our continued growth and success.
Shashank Tiwari
Our Managing Intern, with his stints in marketing supports various aspects of our channel's operations. With his enthusiasm and expertise, Shashank assists the team in innovative marketing strategies and managing tasks efficiently, contributing to the smooth execution of our content strategy.
Ayan Das
Ayan Das, our talented Video Editor, plays a crucial role in bringing our football analysis to life. His meticulous editing skills and creative vision ensure that each video is polished, engaging, and of the highest quality, enhancing our viewers' experience.
Graphic Designer Sanskriti, is responsible for crafting visually appealing graphics that complement our brand. Her design expertise and attention to detail ensure our visual content stands out, capturing the attention of our audience and enhancing our channel's aesthetic.
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