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Bayern always have been the best in germany because of strong financial backup and great players. In recent seasons bayern have been a team which everyone scared to play. The club in 2012-13 season was more deadlier according to me. Wings covered with great FRANCK RIBERY AND ARJEN ROBBEN. Midfield more deadlier with Muller, Javi martinez , Schweinsteiger . Defence- Alaba , Dante , Boateng , THE captain PHILIP LAHM. This team could go on and beat anyone with Manager Jupp Heynckes. He also is very underrated. To our surprise this team go on beating the very barcelona 7-0 in two legs . and this fcb was something else that time and we were destroyed. A cage was built for our beautiful mifield and iniesta xavi messi busquets couldnt do anything. The final was der klassiker and we all know that iconic robben gooooollll which led this team win ucl . Next season the manager was replaced by pep guardialo which i think was saddest moment for Jupp Heynckes. This was something else on field than on field.

Ur thoughts...?

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