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Manchester Liverpool rivalry - By JOBY ANTONY

Manchester and Liverpool have been rich cities since the 19th century. Liverpool is a port city within 50 km of Manchester and the Manchester was an industrial town made of cotton and cloth. The ship with the logo of the Manchester clubs indicates their exports and import but all these products were exported and imported by the Liverpool so then the Liverpool will charge extra toll for goods from Manchester. The Manchester Corps as a whole difficult with toll collection for that they decided to build a canal so they could build a man-made canal at the end of the 19th century and bring the products to sea through the canal. That canal's name is Manchester Canal. After the canal was made Liverpool have not received any toll money since then the two cities became rivals and both cities have a famous football club so it became a rivalry between the clubs.

There are a lot of similarities between these great clubs are equally successful and Both clubs have gone through darkest days and there have been disasters. The darkest days of Liverpool FC was 30 years from 1990 to 2020 they have not won a single league title but have won two champions league titles and now they are back with a Premier league title. Similarly, the darkest days of the Manchester United is from 1968 to 1993. They have not won a single league title but have won a champions league. The Hillsborough Disaster of April 15, 1989 was a major disaster for Liverpool fans crushing during football match 96 Liverpool fans died at Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield an another stadium tragedy that affected Liverpool the Heysel Stadium disaster But the Juventus fans are died here therefore English clubs have been banned from UEFA for 5 years and Liverpool 3 year extra bans but were removed in 1990. The tragedy that shocked the Manchester United was the Munich air disaster of 6 February 1958. The plane crashed on the way back from Munich where they had gone to play champions league 23 players were died when the plane crashed, Miraculously coach Matt Busby and Sir Bobby Charlton are not died So a club Manchester United that came up from where everything was lost. The success and story of Manchester United's is an inspiration to many people today. The both clubs chant and tease each other about their tragedies and darkest moments. A One of the most interested event in their rivalry days is, Until 1992, United had just 7 league titles but Liverpool had 18 league titles then the Manchester united becomes a dominant force So Liverpool fans put up a banner "Come back when you won 18 titles" united win 18 titles and the Liverpool not win a single title was no one expected ! But that impossible dream was made possible by Sir Alex Ferguson thus United won 18 titles, 19 and 20 titles then a banner put united "You told us to come back when we won 18, we are back". United's biggest achievement of that days was 1998-99 when they hit the triple title champions league, league title and FA cup, In that Champions League final United defeated Bayern by a goal scored by the current coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Manchester United are the only English club to have won 20 league titles so their famous chant is "20 times 20 times man united" If the Liverpool win one more title then equalize the Manchester unit's record then this chant of theirs will stop, Will Liverpool win one more title or will United win another 21th title ! Let's we wait and see.


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