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FC Barcelona Managerial Situation - By Vedant Khalate

In the world of football there are numerous football clubs but few clubs are at a very bigger level than the others on the bases of their fanbase base, financial stability etc. One such globally renowned club is FC Barcelona. This beautiful club is going through a lots of turmoil in terms of both result and in financial state. With the newly elected president 'Joan Laporta ' the board is trying to bring the revolution in Barcelona to get the club back to top. Few major decision the clubs may take this summer one such decision we are discussing today is about the change of manager

1)CHANGE IN MANAGER? :- With the current coach and the club legends Ronald Koeman the club has been able to reduce the average age of the club and also bring the young players to the squad. But recently they have bottled the league bringing a lots of attention to Ronald Koeman. Thus there may be change in coach but nothing is still confirmed because the new signings are of Ronald Koeman's intrest. So time will determine the Koeman's job.

2)Possible new managers:- There are not many managers avaiable as of now but few of the managers are Antonio Conte, Francisco Javier García Pimienta are few coaches who could make their move to barca.But now it all depends on Laporta and their board about how they chose the manager.

3) Effects of changing Manager:- It would take a few days for new manager to get used to the team and pick his gala 11 which.Thus it is always a best time to change the manager at the end of the season.And it will also take players time to get used to the manager. Now there are many players who are comming to barca on which a detailed blog will be released within few days as the transfer market catches its pace. LET US KNOW YOUR COMMENTS BELOW!

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