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What's next for Harry Kane? -By Vighnesh Menon

Finished the season with 23 goals and 14 assists. Only the second player to finish a season with most goals and most assists both. He's been with the club since he was 12 years old. One of the greatest Players to wear the Tottenham jersey, He is none other than the Prolific English Striker HARRY KANE. Sadly his run with spurs is coming to an end. Yes you heard it right, he has decided to call it a day with spurs and we can't blame him. Every player desires to win trophies, play at the highest level but with a club like spurs it does look difficult.

Pretty sure Lewy won't sell him for anything less that 100 million euros. This will indeed be a historic transfer. But what are the options which harry kane has???? The first is obviously to test himself in some other European club apart from premier League. He can join Bayern munich or PSG or Real Madrid or Barcelona or maybe Juventus. But this happening is very unlikely, Kane himself would want to play in the Premier league itself. So what are the options in Premier league??? Let's have a look at it. First option is Manchester united, the team just lost the europa final and maybe want to go for some superstar signing this season. But man utd already have a Cavani with them so them bidding for Kane would be a bit absurd. Also it would be better if rather than spending on Kane they go for a sancho who might cost them around 70-80 million. They need someone good at the Right wing and sancho should be a priority for utd rather than Kane. Next up we have Chelsea, well Chelsea might want to have a Striker who could partner Timo werner. There are also rumours of Chelsea offering Kepa and Tammy Abraham in exchange of Kane. And to be honest Kane to Chelsea could be Good move but will Kane join Chelsea? We all know the rivalry between Spurs and Chelsea so it's unlikely that lewy would be willing to sell Kane to Chelsea and also Kane himself wouldn't want to join a direct rival of Spurs. So what's the option left? Well it's Man city. According to me Man city is the best move for Kane. They have the cash to spend and also their star striker aguero is leaving them so Kane is the best possible replacement they can get for Aguero. And if Kane wants to win trophies then there's no better place than Manchester City currently. Imagine De bruyne assisting Harry Kane, What a deadly combo this would be. Well the Harry Kane transfer will be the most talked thing this transfer season and only time will tell which team will Harry Kane join.


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