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Barcelona , Wignaldum and the Mid field By - Nisarg Makati

Barcelona will sign the dutch international in the upcoming transfer window. He will sign the contract till 2024. Many culers are not happy with this signing but most of them are. No one can argue that he is not a beast. His presence on the pitch will help barca a lot. He has a lot of stamina , he has skills and also he has a great presence of mind. He is like an engine for a club. He helps in defending, clearing the ball away as well as moving the ball forward and initiating an attack. Also the communication between de Jong and Wignaldum would be great because both belong to the same nation.Words cannot describe how good asset he is. He will strengthen our midfield as well. I know many of us hate him because he was the reason for our champions league exit under Valverde.

But in my opinion i would say that we should forget the past and look forward for a bright future. I know it was an emotional UCL exit after being 3-0 up but we should not focus on the past rather we should be focusing on our current present. In my opinion he is a really great asset for us and we should exploit him. Our mid field would not be that legendary as it used to be with Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta but I can tell you one thing that it would be enough to win that shiny trophy.His arrival would really count. Thats all i would say. Again thanks to Zeeshan bhai for providing opportunity for us to share our opinions. # Forca Barcelona # Visca el Barça.



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Jun 06, 2021

Do you still think gini's gonna sign now after all that (psg thing) ..👋bye bye bitch you're not coming in. It's not you who choose. it's us who........ ( If anyone gets the write word tell me pls!! )🤐

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