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The beauty of El Clasico - By Vinayak Jeet Singh

The hoard of fanatics arrived, and goosebumps arose as the gates to the battlefield unbarred. There is no 'calm before the storm' as the storm never stops in the great El Clásico. The red and blue colors filled the sky with enthusiasm as the biggest derby in the world commenced. The arena was filled with vigor as world war three was taking place. The white colors were blacklisted in the city full of Blaugrana colors. As soon as battle initiated, the chants echoed through the stadium, giving an adrenaline rush to warriors in the battlefield. The vibrant grass across the field yells the chants of Barca. The El Clásico heats up like a volcano as the scores are tie and the atmosphere has paused as the men in blue gets the possession and move forward towards the battlefield like hungry wolves. Everyone's hearts are halted as its the last moment of the match. The stadium is as silent as the grave. The ball is passed on to the greatest player in the world who trained all his life for this very moment. Messi shoots, and he scores an outstanding goal as if he doesn't even belong from this planet and is more like an alien. The whole city is in celebrations, and the entire stadium starts to shakes as if there is an earthquake as the fans go crazy and cause the stadium to dance like a teenager in a rock concert.

The El Clasico has a different tension then any other derby in the world. El Clasico is the most unique derby in the world as its not between two clubs representing the same city but its more of a political one. A nation against another. Catalunya vs Spain. El Clasico is a very special one where there are emotions are included. It goes way back to the time when Spain was under a dictatorship of Francisco Franco. As Madrid represented the capital of Spain, the government has always favored the Madrid side instead of Barcelona which continues to represent Catalunya which is desperate for independence from Spain to become an independent nation. Madrid has always been favored in transfer markets like the Di Stefano scam. Di Stefano’s move to Madrid is shrouded in mystery — a story riddled with treachery, conspiracy theories and rumors of the personal intervention of Spanish fascist dictator, Francisco Franco. Di Stefano was STOLEN from Barcelona as Barcelona officially signed a contract with the team which owned Di Stefano at the club level which is Millonarios. Madrid tried to intervene and tried to steal Barca's player by reaching a verbal agreement with the club which Di Stefano played a FRIENDLY match with. Due to this utter chaos caused by Madrid, when Di Stefano reached Barcelona, Real Madrid tried to demand him back by signing a very un-professional contract with a club he played a FRIENDLY with. That is when the dictator Francisco Franco intervened and declared that Di Stefano will play for Madrid clearly favoring the capital side instead of the Catalan side. Madrid getting Di Stefano was the biggest scam which won them 5 UCL trophy due to Di Stefano carrying the whole Madrid side to 5 UCL's and scoring in each final of UCL. It is a shame, it really is, this angered Culers and the Catalans and after that scam, the clasico was more fiercer than ever. The Culers stood by Barca's worst stages when they were mistreated by the Spanish government. The Catalans represent their Catalanism through supporting Barcelona and it still remains today. El Clasico is a battle between teams with different principles, ideology and football style of play. Real Madrid has a much more 'Galactico' side of approach to buy the best players in the world with the immense amount of money that they have. Madrid doesn't care how much of a scum they have to be in order to get results. Cunning club. Barcelona on the other side is a club with humility and has strict principles. At Barca we are not scums and we don't buy world class players, we make them at the La Masia like Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol and many others. We play the Tiki-Taka style of play which is the Barca DNA. Barca represents values over and above football. Barcelona represents humility. One of the most iconic moment in an El Clasico was when sections of supporters of Catalan giants Barcelona whistled the Spanish national anthem at the Copa del Rey final in Madrid on Sunday, just days after authorities tried to ban Catalan separatist flags from the match. It was absolutely crazy how 99,000 fans out whistled national anthem of Spain as they absolutely detest Spain. This is the beauty of the 'El Clasico'.


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