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How was India's performance against Qatar?? - By Arman Mulla

Firstly it was a brilliant game . though India lost this game it will surely give them a huge boost. & What about Gurpreet Singh Sandhu!! He was just unreal , he literally brought the Asian champions on their knees . Sandesh Jhingan & Pritam Kotal were amazing too. India had a golden opportunity on the superb cross of Ashique , but Manvir missed this golden & once in a match opportunity. Playing with 10 men's against a team like Qatar is just excellent. I do think that line up should have been different .

Someone like Sahal should get more game time . But , India is improving day by day , this is the biggest positive. First time in last few years, I saw media appreciating Indian football team which was really encouraging. Gurpreet made almost 10 saves , which shows how talented he is . Glen Martines to be honest was disappointing. Someone like Sahal/ Brandon should play on his place . But , India's overall difference was a little bit disappointing too. Akash Mishra, Liston Colaco are the 2 youngsters which will catch the eyes for sure. For me personally after Gurpreet Sahal's dribble was one of the highlight of the match . Hope we'll come back stronger #bleedblue #backtheblues PEACE OUT !!


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