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Euros or Copa America or Both? - By Vaastu Gupta

As the club competitions have almost been wrapped up, every football fan is excited about the continental competitions. The one which i m personally most excited about is the euros. And i m sure most of us would be too. It has got almost all the current top national teams. be it belgium, portugal, france, england, germany and many more. The competition level is really high. For me, even making predictions right now is tough work. I m counting down the days for this year's european championship.

On the other hand, there is the south american tournament Copa America. Though the euros might be more exciting, but all the Messi fans over the world would definitely want to watch this more, same is the case with me too. more excited for euros but gonna watch copa america more. We all remember that screwed up moment in 2016, watching argentina reach the finals consecutively and losing to the same team twice. It sucked, it really did. I even almost cried after the 2016 one and i m sure many others did. We all cried along with messi. The lost chances, the broken hopes all in at once. But, as they say, football is not only about winning its also about the journey. This year we would again go on to support argentina regardless of what the end result is....


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